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Bumble's Blog Tails

Hello Furry Friends.

I am currently sat waiting in the poodle parlour for my pre summer trim! I just can deal with the maintenance of having a long do so a clip is required!

This week has been super busy, I've been rushed off my paws down at Blacketts! Sue and I have been non stop unpacking lots of lovely deliveries! I'm loving the Arran Apothecary range from Arran Aromatics, made exclusively on the Isle of Arran (wonderful rabbits to chase up there). They are all natural products, 100% not tested on animals. I don't condone that sort of behaviour! Anyhow Sue tells me they smell great and do wonders for human skin. Although I don't see how you could beat the smells on Bamburgh beach and a good roll in dead seal personally, but, each to his own I suppose!

Bamburgh has been busy busy busy the past few days. Apologies to anyone taking part in the Bamburgh 10k last Sunday. I was the one barking out the back of the Land Rover parked at Blacketts.

Anyway must dash, my friend Tangle has just come down off the grooming table, my turn next!

Licks and kisses

Bumble Blackett

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