We are currently in the process of relocating and hope you will bear with us until we re-open inside the Bamburgh Walled Garden towards the end of April.

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About Blacketts, Past & Present

Blacketts is named for the short terrace of four single storey cottages which used to stand on the site which we occupy. They were known as Blacketts Row and each housed local characters of whom older residents in the village still speak.

Cottage 1 was known as "Hell Fire House", since two brothers lived there and did nothing but argue and fight with each other.  Cottage 2 was known as "Soap-Sud Villa", basically because the lady who lived there took in washing and mending.

Cottage 3 was known as the "Abode of Love", simply because a kind old lady lived there and the final cottage was called "Lingle End", since it was to be found at the end of the snickett (a Northumbrian term for close or alleyway).

Blacketts Row was behind the old Grove Cafe (later to become the Dunelm Restaurant). This building was the lunch break for many visitors coming to Bamburgh. Just prior to the Second World War, the building also housed a bakery, a barbershop and a sweet shop.

Sadly, The Dunelm was destroyed by fire in the early 1970's and the site then stood derelict for a number of years until the "new" Blacketts was built in 1990, housing 7 apartments, a restaurant and gift shop.

The staff at Blacketts Bamburgh

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