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Bumble's Blog Tails

Hello, Bumble Blackett here!

Just a short one from me today as I can hear Sue rattling the biscuit tin ready for doggy dinner time so I can't say much otherwise that pesky new Lurcher puppy will eat my dinner!

We've had a new delivery of blue and white coastal china and melamine - just fab for beach picnics or BBQ's in the garden. Also managed to get my paws on couple of Sue's new nautical cushions and can attest to the quality having done many an afternoon nap, in the interests of quality control of course, on them of late!

Licks and kisses,

Bumble Blackett

Hello Furry Friends

Bumble Blackett here!

Well, I can honestly say I’ve been rushed off my paws the past few weeks! In between sniffing out golf balls for the Bamburgh golfing fraternity, to adding to my stick collection with driftwood on the beach, I don’t know if I’m coming or going!

I’ve managed to find just enough time to head down to the Home & Gift Buyers Festival in Harrogate with Sue to stock up on lots of lovely new goodies. We’ve stocked up on Mousqueton jackets (great for dog walks on the beach!) and striped Breton tops. We’ve also got a fab range of cards for any of your humans awaiting exam results. From what I remember, it’s a tense time and lots of dog cuddles are needed! Sue has also got lots of lovely new candles in which smell great. They’re often used in our household after I roll in dead seal on the beach so they must be good!

I’m really enjoying welcoming all the families and their four legged friends now that the schools have finished. Bamburgh is buzzing!

Wags and licks

Bumble Blackett

Greetings furry friends,

Well Sue's shop is open and fully stocked for a busy summer season! Easter weekend saw the arrival of some lovely new things including new Emma Bridgewater floral patterns (very realistic. No leg cocking please!) and some new jellycat friends (which apparently are not chew toys).

Sue has also taken on a number of new lines including some gorgeous Kris Ana bags in brights and pastels in all sorts of shapes and sizes (for the handbag dog types out there, personally I prefer getting around on my own 4 paws!). I've also noticed some new nautical clothing, unfortunately it's a bit big for me but perfect if you've forgotten anything when packing for your visit!

Sue's shop is now open 10:30-5 7 days a week and we look forward to seeing you! Anyhow must go, I never did manage to catch the Easter bunny last weekend and I can see him on the lawn!

Licks and wags

Bumble Blackett

Greetings furry friends,

Apologies for being so quiet of late. As Sue will tell you I'm usually MIA and unfortunately the last few weeks have been no exception. What with deliveries to unpack and unsuspecting visitors to chase I've been rushed off my paws!

So we are fully into autumn now. The season for us all to be wrapping up a bit warmer, I get to wear my cosy coat in the kennel at night. For those of you with two legs Sue has some snuggletastic Tweedmill throws. They are perfect for nights on the sofa cuddled up in front of the fire. Not that I go on the sofa. Obviously. (Not even when Sue's out of the room!)

Anyway moving swiftly on... we have new neighbours next door to Sue's shop. After a few days of delivery men (who always were willing to share their breakfast with me) Mr Sim has moved in. I've been keeping my ears pricked and apparently he's opening 'The Potted Lobster' on the 19th November from 12pm-9pm Thursday-Sunday. Take it from me the smells from his kitchen are delicious and I can't wait for it to open. Hope I get an invite round soon but I'll need a few days to get the sticky burrs out of my fur beforehand!

Until next time. Licks and kisses

Bumble Blackett

P.S. - Watch out for the fireworks at the weekend! My top tip for dealing with them is to bark at them to try and drown out the noise.

Hello Furry Friends.

I am currently sat waiting in the poodle parlour for my pre summer trim! I just can deal with the maintenance of having a long do so a clip is required!

This week has been super busy, I've been rushed off my paws down at Blacketts! Sue and I have been non stop unpacking lots of lovely deliveries! I'm loving the Arran Apothecary range from Arran Aromatics, made exclusively on the Isle of Arran (wonderful rabbits to chase up there). They are all natural products, 100% not tested on animals. I don't condone that sort of behaviour! Anyhow Sue tells me they smell great and do wonders for human skin. Although I don't see how you could beat the smells on Bamburgh beach and a good roll in dead seal personally, but, each to his own I suppose!

Bamburgh has been busy busy busy the past few days. Apologies to anyone taking part in the Bamburgh 10k last Sunday. I was the one barking out the back of the Land Rover parked at Blacketts.

Anyway must dash, my friend Tangle has just come down off the grooming table, my turn next!

Licks and kisses

Bumble Blackett

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