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Well, the past couple of weeks Sue has been very busy. New shop fit-out at Blacketts complete with a very realistic wooden pier ........ maybe leave boy dogs outside if you’re paying us a visit ...... to avoid them paying a visit ....!

She’s also been very busy with the help of James making a new website, all sounds very complicated to me!

Given that she’s been otherwise engaged I thought I’d make myself useful and take myself for a walk. There’s this great place above the beach at Bamburgh, nice smooth grass for running on and lots of friendly people throwing white balls for me to play fetch with too! (although some of their sartorial choices leave a lot to be desired!) Speaking of fashion, I’m currently sporting a new collar – my old one got left behind when I got stuck down a hole last week ..... it’s awkward ...... I don’t like to talk about it!

Anyhow, I’m super excited that Sue has FINALLY taken on my suggestion to stock more products for me and my friends. Within the next couple of weeks Blacketts will proudly be showcasing Urban Pooch! I’ll let you know when it eventually arrives! Anyhow, must go, some walkers are traipsing up MY road. How rude!!

Bumble Blackett

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