We have relocated and are now re-open inside the Bamburgh Walled Garden.

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Bumble's Blog Tails

Hi! I'm Bumble Blackett, and this is my human (in the photo), Sue.

Welcome to Bumble's Blog Tails. I like long walks on Bamburgh beach, dinner time and having 40 woof winks. I also love spending some time in Blacketts – pop in and see me – well behaved humans also allowed but please try and stop them cocking their legs inside. Sue doesn't like that!!

Follow me for up to date news on what my human is doing. She has lots of lovely things in her shop and I can tell you all about her special offers. I hear all sorts from my basket behind the counter; I always sleep with one ear open!

Licks and kisses

Bumble Blackett

P.S. - What I've learned this week: for some reason our humans don't appreciate being jumped up at if they're wearing white jeans. Weird right?

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