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Bumble's Blog Tails

Hi Furry Friends!

So, today after my morning walk and bath (Sue didn't like my Eau de Sheep Poo) – I was having a snooze in the office (on the chair, but don't tell Sue's other half!) ..... anyhow, I'm sure Sue said that if you come into Blacketts today and say “woof, woof” when you're at the counter, you'll get 10% off! Finally, the humans are talking my sort of language!

Anyway, give it a try, and if you come in bring me a biscuit (for reasons I will divulge in a minute). I'm on a diet this week and I'm famished – Bonio's preferably!

Until next time, licks and kisses

Bumble Blackett

P.S. - What I've learned this week: if your human leaves a box of double choc chip muffins on the car seat - don't eat them when they're in the Post Office. They don't like to share - AND I'm on rations for the rest of the week - I know, so unfair!!

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